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As we know food is life when it comes to living things on earth, so today we have brought you here the best collection of new & fresh Food Quotes for Foodies which you can share with your foodie friends and family members, we have categorized the Food Quotes for you as Like A | Good Food Quotes, B | Funny Food Quotes & C | Healthy Food Quotes so you can choose it wisely and use it for your photos & videos to improve the Inspiration & fun of your social media Post. and yeah we have also the great collection of Cake Quotes & Chocolate Quotes so must checkout that one also after this.

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30+ Inspirational & Motivational Food Quotes

A | Good Food Quotes

1. If you want to know the Importance of food in your life Go out and observe your Street Dogs Around You!

2. People should eat food to live, Should Not Live to eat Food!

3. You have to run to digest food and also you have to run to earn that food!

4. Food is Love & Good food is Life!

5. You can't Sleep well, Think well & Love well if you haven't dined Well!

6. God made hunger so that people on earth can hard work for Food!

7. After Good Dinner, I even forget my relationships I just want to go on Bed!

8. There are a lot of hungry people in this world, for them god appears in the form of Bread!

9. You can win your haters with food even they don't like you!

10. When I gave a Food to poor they call me God,  But when I gave a piece of advice to poor they ignored me like Dog!

11. Hungriness of food is the biggest enemy in this world!

Food Quotes, Good Food Quotes
Good Food Quotes

B | Funny Food Quotes

1. If there would have an option I would have married my favorite Chicken Burger & Fries!

2. I am in deep Relationship with my Pizza, Burgers & Coke!

3. I love to sleep with my balloon belly which stores a Ton of Food!

4. Every food is good food when it's made of Chocolate & Cereal!

5. Food is a pleasure and that is what I want from my Food!

6. Food is Saturation & Contrast of mine which makes me feel Best!

7. When there an option of Pizza, Burger in the food I start eating like my Dog!

8. Kids eat Pizza, Burger & Fries Men Eats Chicken Leg Piece with One hand!

9. Do Not Disturb!!! I am having my favorite Chicken Leg Piece!

10. I don't care about my dieting when it's my friend's Dinner Party!

Funny Food Quotes, Good Food Quotes
Funny Food Quotes

C | Healthy Food Quotes

1. Good Food Gives you Great Life!

2. Vegetarians are Strong in Immune System because they Eat Organic Natural Food!

3. Your Food Quality Decides your Life's Quality!

4. Your body is not a Temple it's an Amusement park so enjoy the Food Ride!

5. Food Boosts your energy & energy is get used in making another Food!

6. Anything is good is the chicken slice is between two Burgers!

7. Your Health Depends on your Food!

8. I am not Vegetarian, I am Fooditarian!

9. If you want six abs body start eating Protein Food!

10. Stop yourself if you are surrounded by Mc Donalds, KFC, 7/11!

Healthy Food Quotes, Quotes About Food, Good Food Quotes
Healthy Food Quotes

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