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Energy Boosting Inspirational Quotes for Monday | Monday Quotes

Inspirational Quotes for Monday, Monday Quotes

Why Monday is called Monday?

According to the Anglo-Saxon word "mondandaeg" which means "the moon's day." The 2nd day of the week in Nordic cultures was devoted to worshipping the goddess of the moon.

But now in the modern world, Monday means workday for all people on this planet, that is why here we have the great collection of Inspirational Quotes for Monday which is highly motivational for Monday lovers or even for Monday hatters so guys if you want to do something big in life you must love our Monday & for that, you need to read these all Monday Quotes to Inspire Yourself!

1. Monday is The Mission Day!

Inspirational Quotes for Monday, Monday Quotes

2. Sunday is for Notification, but Monday is for Motivation!

Monday Motivation Quotes, Monday Quotes

3. Monday is the day to restart yourself with fresh Mood & Positive Vibes!

Positive Monday Quotes, Monday Quotes

4. Set your tone for a week on the first day which is Monday!

5. Sunday is the day of losers, Monday is the day of Winners!

Happy Monday Quote, Monday Quotes

6. Every Monday is the new opportunity to do something bigger in Life!

Quotes for Monday, Inspirational Quotes for Monday

7. If Saturday is evening than Sunday is night and Monday is the fresh Morning!

Monday Morning Quote, Inspirational Quotes for Monday

9. For girls, Monday is the Makeup day!

Monday Quotes for Girls, Inspirational Quotes for Monday

10. Maybe this day is not,
      One of your favorites, but
      Never forget that every
      Day you wake up is an
      Amazing gift and it's up to
      You to make it count!

Quotes for Monday ,Monday Quotes

11. Monday is the best day for passionate & hard-working people, who are you?

Monday Quotes, Quotes for Monday

12. Monday is the day for correcting your last week's Mistakes!

Quotes for Monday, Monday Quotes for Inspiration

13. To get successful in your life Monday should be your favorite Day!

14. Sunday is Good but Monday is for new fresh Mood!

Inspirational Quotes for Monday, Monday Quotes

15. Sunday is for preparation and Monday is for the Presentation!

Inspirational Quotes for Monday, Monday Quotes

16. The strongest day of a week is Monday!

17. Monday is the teacher of hard work!

18. The main day of your life is Monday!

19. People need the strongest coffee only on Monday!

20. It's Monday so today's coffee should be as strong as You!

We hope you guys you'll enjoy your whole Monday after reading these Inspirational Monday Quotes so that was the truth about Monday guys which is the best & the greatest day of our life if we want to achieve big goals in life Thanks to being with QuoteSays!

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